Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thanks, Gracias, Grazie, Danke, Arrigato to all

Thanks to all of you who submitted to this Tea themed show. After Patricia and her staff, of Carytown Teas, completes the installation of the work at the tea shop, I'll take photos and post them here. Again, thanks to all for your much appreciated submissions. We loved them all. 25 Mail Artists from 10 countries!

image by Mim Golub 2008

Ryosuke Cohen, Osaka, JAPAN

This terrific piece, Brain Cell 695, was scanned in two parts because of it didn't fit on my scanner.

Cristina Oprea, Craiova, ROMANIA

David Koepp, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chevalier Daniel C. Boyer, Houghton, Michigan, USA

This is the envelope received. The contents were not in it when I picked up the entries to post. I'm hoping to receive the content and will post that later. Sorry, Daniel.

I found the contents. I didn't recognize it as an entry until Misty and Christy at the teashop clued me in. So here it is. I hope Daniel will clue us in to how it ties into the theme. We're curious.

Scott Ray Randall, Scaramento, California, USA

Scott said "I hope this isn't too vulgar..." He doodled it and it amused him. We hope it doesn't offend, either. Note that the other card is collaged with fabric.

Ana-Maria Spinu, Craiova, ROMANIA

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Silvano Pertone, PsjcheOut'zine, Genova, ITALIA

It's wonderful that these actual tea bags made it through from Italy. Two cards from Italy with actual tea bags!

Jenn Erwin, Richmond, VA, USA

Julia Hebner, Richmond, VA, USA

Elisa Battistella, Milano, ITALIA

The tea bag made it all the way from Italy without ripping apart! Amazing!

Keith Buchholz, Fluxus Art Farm, St. Louis, MO, USA