Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paola Baldassini, Milano, ITALY

This is a beautiful pencil rendering of a tea pot and drapery. I like that it shows up very well in this post so that you can really appreciate it.  Thanks, Paola, for sending this in to the Tea Shop.

Val Mark Herman, Sigean, FRANCE

 Val's card is an altered card from Budapest, with Hungarian text. Val added a little Magyar stamp and three tea choices for us. Hmm, I think I'll try the The Mandarine. What about you?

This image shows some of the cool things that Val sent to Patricia. Items from a Viennese Tea shop, with a  menu and lots of information about tea, and also a flyer for a local theatre production (Mr. Tea pot head.) Let's meet at Betty's, the menu looks terrific.

Simon Warren, Trng, U.K.

Simon sent in 4 pen drawings, which appear to be about the tea shop engulfed in smoke! The drawings came just as you see them, with the image, stamp, and the address all on the same side. One was on a thin layer of paper. All made it through the post just fine, I'm happy to say. Thanks, Simon.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Annie M, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Look at this fabulous shaped mail art. Patricia passed this along to me today when I stopped in to say hello. She was so taken by how it was a tea pot. It made it all the way from Australia with no trouble, and the stamp wasn't canceled. Great job, Annie M. Thanks.

Hester Wright, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This lovely tea collage came in an envelope with a butterfly stamp. I think it's perfect for this mail art call, butterflies signifying re-birth, which is what will happen for Carytown Tea once the old place is renovated. When they move back into their space, the gold frame will be filled with fabulous mail art like this piece. Thanks, Hester.

Keith A. Buchholz, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Don't you love the headline? Good thing Fluxus West artist Keith Buchholz circled the article related to tea. We might have really gotten interested in the Trophies. Thanks, Keith. As always, your contributions are a good addition to mail art shows.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rani Solhaug, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

 I wanted to show you both sides of this card. Rani used a Celestial Seasonings tea box to make her card.

 How fun and lively it feels. Like a perky cup of tea!

Thanks, Rani.